• Congrats to Eddies offspring!

    So proud of Eddie offspring who made his ”show debut” (at the age of almost 2 1/2 year ) and got his first CAC on his first try! Hopefully I will see him in real life when he enter the ring some more times in the future. Mimasu’s Hope For Eternal Love – ”Timon”- EXC1, CQ, BM2 with CAC 《Mo i Rana Nat.2018.08.11》 Congratulations to breeder Marianne Marthinsen and owner Heidi Malene Liljebakk  

  • Eddie puppies at Kennel Sweet Midgets born!

    Today two sweet puppies after my Eddie &  ”Josephine” [Special Guest Josephine March] were born, 1 boy and 1 girl <3 <3 Congratulations to Mari Helsing Nyström at Kennel Sweet Midgets.      

  • Tigerliljas BOB- & BEST IN SHOW BREEDER- again!

    Kalix, Sweden Chihuahua Specialty Show ”VinterSpecialen” 2018 March 10, 2018 What way to start the show year! I thought last year was one of a kind but this year was even more ”crazy happy”! WOW!!! # TIGERLILJAS BOB [Lc] & BEST IN SHOW BREEDER- again! # C.I.B MultiCh TigerLiljas Pay Attention; BEST OF BREED & BEST IN SHOW 2, BISS 2 Movement & Temperament! # C.I.B MultiCh TigerLiljas Light Years Ahead; BOS & BEST IN SHOW 3. Nominated in Best Movement & Temperament competition # NORD SE FI NO CH TigerLiljas Thunder And Lightning; Winner of Veteranclass with CQ, BOB- & BEST IN SHOW VETERAN! BISS 2 Best Head # NORD SE FI DK…

  • TIGERLILJAS # No.2 MOST WINNING LC BREEDER in Sweden and many more amaaazing news!!!..

    The show year is over and it’s time for me to sum-up for 2017. It’s been an amazing show year!  TIGERLILJAS # No 2 MOST WINNING LC BREEDER in Sweden-2017!!! 《 7x BOB- LC Breeder with HP, 2x 2nd with HP. … We were lucky to have a placement in every final we participated in: BEST IN SHOW-BREEDER at Northern Chihuahua Specialty in Kalix-2017! 2x BIS3 – 1x BIS4 – 1x BISS2 – 1x BISS3-  BREEDER 》   TIGERLILJAS # No 10 MOST WINNING LC BREEDER IN FINLAND- 2017!  TIGERLILJAS # No 45 of ALL  Breeds in Sweden (our placement ”Out-of 132 Breeders” on SKK’s Top-list 2017) ☆ My dogs gained…

  • Wonderful News!

    Wiiihooo!!! It was very nice to see that TIGERLILJAS was # No 45 of ALL Breeds in Sweden (our placement ”Out-of 132 Breeders” on SKK’s Top-list 2017) Maybe not so remarkable for some, but I have quite small breed, so I’m very happy 😀  In my group I  had this year, 2 of them were veterans. Still going strong 😀  My ”Fabolous four” Gibson, Noomi, Eddie and Luna ❤❤❤❤ But this would not be possible if I did not have my ”co-driver” with me, Sandra Engström, thank you for your help! To thank everyone else who helped in a way! Now I’m excited to see how we ended up at ”Chihuahua Cirkelns Top…

  • Voittajja WinnerShow -2017

    Helsinki, Finland Voittaja WinnerShow 2017.12.10 Last day at ”Voittaja Winner-2017” EDDIE (MultiCh Tigerliljas Light Years Ahead) was again Exc (5) in a big strong champion class out-of 14 beautiful champion males.  

  • Nordic WinnerShow-2017

    Helsinki, Finland Nordic WinnerShow 2017.12.09 New update from Nordic Winner Show.. 😀 EDDIE 《MultiCh Tigerliljas Light Years Ahead》 Exc (5) with very nice critique (in a strong class out of 14 champion males) Judge: Daniel Örn Hinriksson

  • Helsinki WinnerShow -2017

    Helsinki, Finland Helsinki Winner Show 2017.12.08 Eddie (MultiCh Tigerliljas Light Years Ahead) did great  in a big strong champion class (Exc) but maybe not results to brag about. But still happy   because my boy, as always makes me so proud. ❤ We had to take a ”memory picture” of us with this background Back at the hotel a very tired boy My big love and joy ☆Eddie ☆