News 2014

  • Luna CAC & BOS, Herlufmagle, Denmark!!!

    Herlufmagle, Denmark October 12, 2014 Jiiiihooo !!!! Just got great news from Herlufmagle, Denmark. :)))) Crazy happy 🙂  tears just flow (as usual 😉 ) Luna (TigerLiljas Pay Attention) BF 1, CAC and BOS !!!! Can not thank you enough Sandra Engström <3    

  • We are expecting puppies in mid-November!

    October 10, 2014 Today we went to take an ultrasound on Noomi,,, there were little puppies in the belly !!! I’m sooo happy :)))) Noomi is expecting puppies in mid-November! Now we cross our fingers that everything goes well and that we will soon have little paws running around the house.   CH Small Is Beautiful´s Fine Mess x CH TigerLiljas Northern Light

  • Sortland Nat. Dogshow x 2

    Sortland, Norway Nat. Dogshow September 20-21, 2014 Day 1: TigerLiljas Pay Attention, Intermediate class: Exc 2, CQ,  BF3 Judge: Ligita Zake Day 2: TigerLiljas Pay Attention, Intermadiate class: Exc 1, CQ,  BF2 R-CAC Judge: Antonio Di Lorenzo

  • Exciting mating planned Autumn 2014!

    This is a very exciting mating/litter I have very high hopes for and I´m so grateful to Gabriella and Samuel Carlid (Small Is Beautiful) for letting me use this beautiful male into my breeding. If you are interested in puppies after this combinations please contact me and tell more about yourself. For more info Click here

  • Överkalix Nat.Dog Show

    Överkalix, August 23, 2014 TigerLiljas Pay Attention, Intermediate class: Exc 4 SE FI CH TigerLiljas Northern Light, Championclass: Exc 1, CQ, BF 1, BOS!!!! C.I.B NORDUCH BrändaBergets X´Clusive, Veteranclass: Exc 1, CQ, BOB-Veteran!!! In the final, in a big competition, she was also selected to the last final seven dogs  but didn´t reach a placement. Judge & BIS judge :Olga Sinko Kupriyanova, Slovenia  

  • NKK Bjerke INT, Oslo

    NKK Bjerke INT Oslo August 16, 2014 Jiiiiihoooo, I got som great news from Oslo! I both laugh and cry at the same time, I´m so happy and proud of my girls :)))) Luna (TigerLiljas Pay Attention) BF 2 CAC & R-Cacib (* it´s going to be a Cacib!!!) Noomi (SE FI CH TigerLiljas Northern Light) BF 3 with R-CAC! Noomi was so close from taking her Nordic and Internationell champion title.. beaten by her beautiful daughter Luna 🙂   I am  so soooo proud and happy breeder and owner!!!!! Thank you Breed  Specialist Judge Samuel Carlid, Sweden. Thank’s and all my love to my friend  Sandra Engström  for great handling…

  • Kemi INT Dogshow

    Kemi, Finland Int. Dogshow July 20, 2014 TigerLiljas Pay Attention, Juniorclass: Exc 1 Se & FIUCH TigerLiljas Northern Light, Championclass: Exc 3, CQ, BF 4 SE & NOUCH TigerLiljas Thunder And Lightning, Championclass: Exc 4 Judge: Tuula Savolainen

  • Great Show weekend x 3 in Tvååker

    Great Show weekend x 3 in Tvååker  Swedish Chihuahua Specialty July 13, 2014 TigerLiljas Pay Attention Exc 1, CQ in a very big juniorclass, BOS-Junior & BISS 2 Junior!!! Judge: Jakub Kruszek C.I.B NORDUCH BrändaBergets X´Clusive Exc 2, CQ, BOB-Veteran (8-9 year) BISS 2- Veteran (8-9 year) Judge: Rudi Brandt SE & FIUCH TigerLiljas Northern Light Championclass:Exc CQ Judge: Rudi Brandt   Tvååker Nat. July 12, 2014 TigerLiljas Pay Attention Juniorclass: Exc (5) CQ C.I.B NORDUCH BrändaBergets X´Clusive Veteranclass: Exc 3 CQ SE & FIUCH TigerLiljas Northern Light Championclass: Exc 4 CQ Judge: Adam Ostrowski   Tvååker Int. July 11, 2014 TigerLiljas Pay Attention Juniorclass: Exc 2 CQ C.I.B NORDUCH…