News 2010

  • Ina CAC & Cacib!!!

    Rovaniemi, Finland Int. Dogshow June 20, 2010 BrändaBergets X´Clusive Openclass: 1;1 CQ, BF 1, CAC & Cacib, BOS!!! Judge: Leni Finne, Finland        

  • Top Dog

    Överkalix Open Dogshow ”Top Dog” April 24, 2010 TigerLiljas Northern Light Puppieclass 9-12 month: Hp, Best female puppie, BOB-puppie!!! In the final she was unplaced.   TigerLiljas Thunder And Lightning Puppieclass 9-12 month: Hp, Best male puppie, BOS-puppie!!! Judge: Joakim Ohlsson, Sweden                            


    Kalix Chihuahua Open Speciality Show January 30, 2010 BrändaBergets X´Clusive,  BOB & BEST IN SHOW!!!!! TigerLiljas Northern Light, BOB-puppie & BEST IN SHOW- PUPPIE!!! TigerLiljas Thunder And Lightning, BOS-puppie & BISS3 -PUPPIE!!! TigerLiljas Love at first Sight  Hp Ina, Gibson and Noomi were also nominated for ”best head and temperament”competition, they were left among the final three in best head but went out at the finish line 😉 Judge: Hilkka Sandberg Kennel Nikoli´s, Finland.