Tigerliljas Light Years Ahead

International Champion
Nordic- Norwegian- Swedish- Finnish Champion
Estonian- Danish- Hungarian Champion
Hungarian Club Champion


*Not avaliable as public stud* 

Reg.no: SE10329/2015
Born: November 16, 2014
Weight: 2,8 kg
Bite: 6+6, scissors
Patella: 0/0 [2018.10.03, 2015.12.03]
Heart: ok
Eyes: clear 2019.11.20  [2018.10.03, 2017.09.13, 2015.12.03]
Molera: closed
Sire: C.I.B SE DK NO UCH FI W-13 SE W-12 NO W-12 EE Club W-13 BISS Small is Beautiful´s Fine Mess
Dame: C.I.B NORD SE FI DK NO UCH, SE VV-19, HE VW-19, HU VCH  TigerLiljas Northern Light



C.I.B / International Champion
NORD UCH / Nordic Champion
NO UCH / Norwegian Champion
SE UCH / Swedish Champion
FI UCH / Finnish Champion
EECH/ Estonian Champion
DK UCH/ Danish Champion
HUCH/ Hungarian Champion
Hungarian Club Champion
”Reserve Swedish Winner-18”
”Reserve Swedish Winner-19”
”Reserve Nordic Junior Winner-15”

# No. 4 MOST WINNING LC MALE in Sweden-2019
# No. 7 MOST WINNING LC MALE in Sweden -2017
# No. 10 MOST WINNING LC MALE in Sweden-2016

2019: 1 x BEST IN SHOW, 1 x BEST IN SHOW-2, 1 x 2nd best with HP. [Group participated totaly 3 times in 2019, with offspring Sweet, Falcon, Saga & Maze]


** Exc-2 CQ ”BM-5”. Nominated for Best Head Competition. Among many beautiful dogs and in strong competition [211 entries] Eddie was picked out among the 8 best but no placement. BEST IN SHOW-2 Generation class with mother Noomi and daughter Sweet [Norwegian Chihuahua Specialty Show, Vestby 2019]
** Exc-3 CQ BM-4 [227 entries] Nominated for Best Head & Movement Competition [Swedish Chihuahua Specialty Show ”Stora CC”, Borås 2019]
** Exc-1 CQ BM-3 Nominated for Best Temperament [Northern Chihuahua Speciality Show ”Vinterspecialen”, Kalix 2019]
** Winner of champion class BOS & BEST IN SHOW 3!!! Nominated for Best Movement & Temperament competition [Northern Chihuahua Specialty Show ”Vinter Specialen” Kalix 2018] [106 dogs entered]
** Winner of a big strong champion class with CQ and ended-up as 4th Best male!!! [124 Lc enterad]
Nominated for best head and movement competition and ended-up as BISS-2 Movement! [Swedish Specialty Show ”Stora CC” Vilsta, 2017]
** CH.class; Exc 5 with CQ ”BM 5″ Nominated for Best Temperament & Best Head Competition
BISS-4 Brace with his halfsister Luna. Eddie was part of  TigerLiljas breeders group that become Best group with HP & BEST IN SHOW!  [Northern Chihuahua Specialty Show, Kalix 2017]
** Winner in Juniorclass CQ BM 4 BISS-3 Junior. Nominated to ”Best head competition”  and ended-up as 4th best head. [Northern Swedish Specialty Show, Kalix 2016]


** 2nd Best Male ”RESERVE SWEDISH WINNER- 19” [Swedish Winner Show, Sundsvall 2019]
** 4th Best Male [Helsinki Winner Show 2018]
** 2nd Best Male, R-Nordic CAC & ”RESERVE SWEDISH WINNER-18” [Swedish WinnerShow, Stockholm 2018]
** 2x Exc 5 in a big strong Championclass out of 14 champion males [Nordic WinnerShow & Voittaja WinnerShow, Helsingfors -2017]
** Winner of Openclass with CQ [Swedish Winnershow, Stockholm 2016]
** ”RESERVE – NORDIC JUNIOR WINNER-15” [Nordic Winner Show, Stockholm 2015]
[2nd best with CQ in a big and very strong and beautiful juniorclass]


** BOG-2 Överkalix National Dogshow , August-2019
** Specialty Winner & BOS BISS-2  at MTBE Club/ Specialty Show  Hungary May- 2018
** Club Winner & BISS-2  at CTPE Club Show Hungary May-2018
** BOG-2 Kemi International Dogshow July-2017
** BOG 3 Rovaniemi Groupshow, August-2016
** BISS 3 Intermediate SDHK Luleå, August-2016
** BISS 4 SDHK Luleå, August-2016
** Shortlisted in the Group final at Tromsö International Dogshow,  June-2016
** Shortlisted in the Group final among 27 beautiful dogs at Kokkola International Dogshow,  July-2016

Several BOB & BOS in several countries
Several CQ & best male placements in several countries


** No. 3 Most Winning longcoated  puppy in Sweden-2015!!!*
** Qualified to the event ”Puppy Of The Year- Årets Valp”- 2015

 1x BIS 2- Puppy [SE]
1x BISS 2-Puppy [SE]
1x BISS4-Puppy [DK]
1x BOG 2-Puppy [NO]
11x BOB-Puppy [SE FI NO DK]
1x BOS-Puppy [SE]
** 4th. best puppy  at Swedish Chihuahua Specialty ”Stora CC” Vilsta 2015
** BEST IN SHOW at Open Dogshow ”Guld Hund 2016”
** 3x BOB-puppy  &  2x BISS 2- Puppy Open Dogshow