Brändabergets X´Clusive

International Champion
Nordic- Swedish- Finnish- Norwegian Champion



Born: October 18, 2004
Died: April 6, 2020 [15 ½ years old]

Ina was our first chihuahua and the very beginning of our breeding. She was a ”showgirl” and I love her happy outgoing temper and her beautiful heart.
She captured my heart with her ​​charm and ”essence” and ever since she has had a special place in my heart, and she will never ever be forgotten. I´m so happy and grateful that her memory lives on in her beautiful children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren.
It will never be the same without you, Rest in peace my beautiful Queen <3

Weight: 2,8kg
Bite: scissors, 6+6
Patella: 0/0
Heart: Ok [2013.02.22]
Eyes: Clear 2015.05.10 [2013.02.22]
Molera: closed
Sire: INT NORD FI SE NO CH  Nikoli’s Let’s Party
Dame: SE UCH Suxes Tekla



VWW-14 / Veteran World Winner -2014
C.I.B / International Champion
NORD UCH / Nordic Champion
SE UCH / Swedish Champion
FI UCH / Finnish Champion
NO UCH / Norwegian Champion

*No 1 Top winning LC Veteran in Sweden 2013!!!*
*No 3 Top Winning LC Veteran in Sweden 2014!!!*

** Veteran class;  EXC-2 CQ BOB-Veteran [8-9 year] BISS-2 Veteran [8-9 year] [Swedish Specialty Show ”Stora CC” Tvååker 2014]
** Veteran class;  EXC-1 CQ BOB-Veteran BISS-2 Veteran [Northern Swedish Specialty  Kalix 2014]
** Championclass;  EXC… [Norwegian Chihuahua Specialty Show Oslo 2012]
** Championclass;  EXC [Swedish Specialty Show ”Stora CC” Alfta 2011 ]
** CQ BF-2. Nominated for Best Head Competition, Ina was left among the final 3 in best head but ”went-out at the finish line”  [Open Specialty Show Kalix 2011]
** BOB & BEST IN SHOW! Nominated for Best Temperament and Best Head Competition [Open Specialty Show Kalix 2010]


** VWW-14 /VETERAN WORLD WINNER- 2014, Helsinki Finland -2014**
** Veteran class;  EXC-4 CQ [Swedish Winner Show Stockholm 2013]
** Champion class;  EXC-4 CQ [Nordic Winner Show Stockholm 2011]


9x BOB 6x BOS  [ which is including 2 BOB and 1 BOS that is from Veteran class]
Several CQ and BF placement also as a Veteran
16x BOB-Veteran 1x BOS-Veteran
2x BISS-2 Veteran  1x BISS-3 Veteran  1x BISS-4 Veteran

*Shortlisted and picked-out as one of the last 6 Veterans in the Final, but no placement [Överkalix 2014]
*1x BEST IN SHOW   1x BOG-3  3x BOB  1xBISS-2 Veteran  1x BOB-Veteran [Open Dogshows]


** Only participated at one puppyshow – 3rd best female puppy with Hp


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