• Fun reading in Chihuhua bladet No. 2, 2014 :)))

    Enjoy reading the latest ”News” from  Chihuaua bladet :)))   Ina (C.I.B NORD UCH BrändaBergets X´Clusive) No 1 Top Winning LC Veteran in Sweden 2013!!!!   There were also pictures of my ”old lady” Ina CHIHUAHUA  in diffrent ages. More interesting previous results and news from Chihuahua Cirkeln  Breed-special in Kalix  March 1, 2014. Gibson & Noomi BISS-brace, Noomi BF 2 with R-CAC, Ina BOB-Veteran!!!  

  • New Swedish and Norwegian Champion!

     Harstad,  Norway Int. Dogshow October 6, 2013 I´m soooooo happy!!! Yesterday our Gibson (TigerLiljas Thunder and Lightning) became Swedish and Norwegian Champion!!!!  Gibson was BM 1, with CAC & CACIB and new CHAMPION! Lykke (TigerLiljas Light Breeze Blowing) Intermediate class: Exc1, CQ.(She ended up as BF 5). Noomi (TigerLiljas Northern Light) Openclass: Exc 3, CQ. Big thank´s to judge Anne-Mari Haugsten!

  • Sortland Nat. DogShow x 2

    Sortland, Norge – September 21-22, 2013 Day 1: One crazy day 😉 TigerLiljas Thunder and Lightning BOB & CAC!!! TigerLiljas Light Breeze Blowing BOS & CAC!!! If this wasn´t enough 🙂 Luna (TigerLiljas Pay Attention) make her debut only 4 month old and became BOS-puppie!!!!! Judge:Wera Hubethal, Norway Judge: Day 2: TigerLiljas Pay Attention BOS-puppie again! TigerLiljas Thunder and Lightning Exc1 TigerLiljas Light Breeze Blowing Vg Judge: Rodi Hubenthal, Norway