Wonderful News!

Wiiihooo!!! It was very nice to see that TIGERLILJAS was # No 45 of ALL Breeds in Sweden (our placement ”Out-of 132 Breeders” on SKK’s Top-list 2017) Maybe not so remarkable for some, but I have quite small breed, so I’m very happy 😀  In my group I  had this year, 2 of them were veterans. Still going strong 😀  My ”Fabolous four” Gibson, Noomi, Eddie and Luna ❤❤❤❤ But this would not be possible if I did not have my ”co-driver” with me, Sandra Engström, thank you for your help! To thank everyone else who helped in a way! Now I’m excited to see how we ended up at ”Chihuahua Cirkelns Top 10 list/ LC Breeder 2017”