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  • Noomi BOS & CACIB!!! Luna BF 3 with R-CAC!!! Ina BOB-VETERAN!!!!

    Piteå, July 6 -2014 Int. Dogshow Another great day  at Piteå Int. :)))) SEUCH FIUCH TigerLiljas Northern Light CHclass: Exc 1 CQ BF 1 CACIB and BOS!!! TigerLiljas Pay Attention Juniorclass: Exc 1 CQ BF 3 R-CAC!! C.I.B NORDUCH BrändaBergets X’Clusive Veteranclass: Exc 1 CQ (BF 5) BOB-VETERAN!!! Judge: Rudi Hubenthal  

  • SDHK Luleå July 5, 2014

    GREAT results at SDHK Nat.Dogshow in Luleå!!! TigerLiljas Pay Attention  BF 1 CAC & BOS!!!  BOB-Junior!!! SEUCH FIUCH TigerLiljas Northern Light Championclass: Exc 2 C.I.B NORDUCH BrändaBergets X´Clusive BF 4, BOB-&  BISS 3 VETERAN!!!! Breedjudge: Cindy Pettersson, Sweden BIS-judge: BIS-FINALS Ina BISS 3-Veteran

  • Fun reading in Chihuhua bladet No. 2, 2014 :)))

    Enjoy reading the latest ”News” from  Chihuaua bladet :)))   Ina (C.I.B NORD UCH BrändaBergets X´Clusive) No 1 Top Winning LC Veteran in Sweden 2013!!!!   There were also pictures of my ”old lady” Ina CHIHUAHUA  in diffrent ages. More interesting previous results and news from Chihuahua Cirkeln  Breed-special in Kalix  March 1, 2014. Gibson & Noomi BISS-brace, Noomi BF 2 with R-CAC, Ina BOB-Veteran!!!  

  • Svolvaer Nat.

    Svolvaer, Norway Nat. Dogshow  June 29, 2014 After our succesful day at Gällivare Int. (June 28-2014) we went on the journey towards Svolvaer Nat. in Norway (June 29-2014). I showed Luna (TigerLiljas Pay Attention) and she almost did it again.. She ended up as BF 2 with R-CAC!!! My sweet happy girl <3<3<3 Judge: Monika Blaha, Austria  

  • Luna CAC & BOS!!! Noomi BF 2 with CACIB!!! Ina BOB-VETERAN!!!

    Gällivare Int. June 28, 2014 SUCCESFUL DAY FOR MY GIRLS  :)))) This was a wonderful, ”crazy” day! TigerLiljas Pay Attention, Juniorclass: Exc 1, CQ, BF 1, CAC & BOS!!!! SEUCH (*FI UCH, not confirmed) TigerLiljas Northern Light, Championclass: Exc 1, CQ, BF 2 , CACIB!!! C.I.B NORDUCH BrändaBergets X´Clusive, Veteranclass: Exc 1, CQ, BOB-VETERAN!!! Judge: Anna-Lena Angeria        


    TigerLiljas Northern Light (Noomi) New SWEDISH & FINNISH CHAMPION!!! (Vännäs Nat. June 14, 2014) Thank´s to judges Inese Pablaka, Samuel Carlid, Karl-Erik Johansson and Michael Forte!


    Rovaniemi, Finland Int. Dogshow June 22, 2014 SE & NO CH TigerLiljas Thunder And Lightning, Championclass: Exc 1, CQ, BM 1, CAC & BOS!!! NEW FINNISH & NORDIC CHAMPION!!!! TigerLiljas Pay Attention, Juniorclass: Exc 1, CQ, BF 3 with CAC!!!! (*SE & FI CH ) TigerLiljas Northern Light, Openclass: Exc 1, CQ, (BF  5 with R-CAC) *Not confirmed, that´s why she was in openclass Judge: Leni Finne, Finland My Love Gibson (SE NO UCH TIGERLILJAS THUNDER AND LIGHTNING)  NEW FINNISH & NORDIC CHAMPION!!!! LUNA BT3 with CAC!!!!  

  • Hipp Hipp Hurraaaay!!!!

    Hipp hipp hurraaay!!!  This is no ordinary day .. this is my darlings’ 5-year day Hurray, hurray, hurraaayy!!! GIBSON, little angel BETTAN, KIRA & NOOMI <3<3<3<3 (TL Thunder And Lightning, TL Eternal Sunshine, TL Moon Shadow , TL Northern Light) 

  • Tromsö x 2

    Tromsö x 2 Norway June 14-15, 2014 Day 1, Nat. TigerLiljas Pay Attention, Junkl: Exc 2,CQ Judge: Inese Pablaka Handler today was Sandra Engström, Thank you for your great work with Luna!   Day 2, Int. TigerLiljas Pay Attention,  Junkl: Exc 3 TigerLiljas Northern Light, Openclass: Exc 3 SE NO CH TigerLiljas Thunder And Lightning, Chkl: Exc 4 Judge: Daniela Risdan, Slovenia SE & NO CH TigerLiljas Thunder And Lightning

  • We have a New Swedish & Finnish Champion!!!

    Vännäs Nat. Dogshoe June 14, 2014 C.I.B NORDUCH BrändaBergets X´Clusive, Veteranclass: Exc 1, CQ, BOB-VETERAN !!!!! TigerLiljas Northern Light BF1  CAC BOB &  NEW SWEDISH  & FINNISH CHAMPION !!!! Judge: Karl-Erik Johansson    Thank´s to the  judges  who made this dream come true  Karl-Erik Johansson, Samuel Carlid, Inese Pablaka & Michael Forte