Beginners class diploma in RallyObedience!! New title for Luna, RLD N!!!

Kiruna Brukshunds Klubb, Kiruna
November 13, 2016
Wiiihoo!!! Wi did it! :D  We had one start this day and I had a great feeling afterwords, whatever the results would be we ”rocked” ;)
It turned out we had done well with succesful results, 88 Point ( 5th Place) and with her performance Luna got her Biginners class Diploma and  can now add a new title to her name RLD N !!!!
Round could have been nearly flawless if it had not been for me .. I tabbed in a part, made a ”spin” in the wrong direction  (apparently perfect ;)  ) and we got a reduction of -10 points. Otherwise only -2 Points reduction on ”nose and late”. Wow, I said to myself! Maybe not so great for others but for us  :D   I’m so happy and above all  especially proud of my princess and I long and looking forward to new events  in the future.
NORD NO SE FI EE CH,  RLD N TigerLiljas Pay Attention!!!!